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Types of Wine

White Wine

White  wine results will vary greatly depending on where they are grown, how the climate and soil conditions affect the grapes during their growing season, and how each individual wine maker treats the grapes once they are picked for wine.

Even within the same region the results can vary drastically.

The top 7  most popular white varietals:

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  1. Chardonnay
  2. Sauvignon blanc
  3. Semillon
  4. Muscat
  5. Pinot grigio
  6. Riesling
  7. Gewürztraminer



Red Wine

The same issues of white wine apply to red wine. The wines will vary drastically depending where are they growing and whom is making them. Cultural differences give us Shiraz/Syrah, for example.

The main difference between white and red wine is that the red wine process involves fermentation of the juice, skins and seeds all together, whereas in white wine the extras are removed.

Red wine is a particularly rich source of antioxidants flavonoid phenolics which makes it good for your heart (in moderation). Red wine skins have wild amounts of Iron.

The top 8 most popular varietals for  red wine:

  1. Shiraz/Syrah
  2. Merlot
  3. Cabernet sauvignon
  4. Malbec
  5. Pinot noir
  6. Zinfandel
  7. Sangiovese
  8. Barbera

Rose Wine

Rose or Rosé wines, are wines which are pink. The real color changes depending on the grapes choosen, the lenght of contact of the skin with the juice, and oxygen.   Often the wines seem to be more orange than pink. Most Rose wines are the result of lightly  crushing red grapes, so that they don’t add their color or tannin to the end product.

The top 4 varietals for rose wines:

  1. Grenache
  2. Pinot Noir
  3. Gamay
  4. Cabernet Franc

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines (wine with a large percent of carbon dioxide) are  classically  made of blends of  Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Munier. Champagne is a wine made in the French region of Champagne,  for legal reasons  only wines from this region maybe called Champagne.

The region of Champagne, France has 4 areas:

  1. Cote des Blancs
  2. Cote des Bar
  3. The Mountain of Reims
  4. The Valley of the Marne

The 3 basic types of Champagne are:
Prestige Cuvée- made from grapes of a single vintage, and the wine requires longer aging.
Vintage – made from a single vintage.
Non-Vintage – made from a blend of two or more harvest years.

The sweetness of a sparkling wine ranges from:
Extra Brut (Brut Sauvage) – Completely Dry 0-0.5% residual sugars
Brut – Dry 0.5-1.5% residual sugars
Sec – Slightly Sweet 1.5-3.5% residual sugars
Demi – Sec – Fairly Sweet 3.5-5.0% residual sugars
Doux – Sweet above 5.0% residual sugars

Dessert Wine

Dessert wines are richer, thicker, and more sweet than most table wines. The grapes are picked late in the harvest season to preserve the residual sugars.  Dessert wines can be a pleasant aperitif,  or a ‘vini di meditazione’ after a meal. Of course they can also be served with cheese, or dessert.

Sadly these wines are often passed on, when they have rich history and much to deliver to gastronauts.

Fortified Wine

A wine to which spirits have been added. As well as raising the alcohol level of the wine, the spirits also change the entire flavor profile, making a unique and long lived  wine.

There are 5 basic Fortified wines:

  1. Madeira
  2. Vermouth
  3. Marsala
  4. Sherry
  5. Cream Sherry
  6. Port
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