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Marangi Negroamaro 2009


Duemilanove Salento IGT
Made by Tenute Mater Domni 2009 13%
LCBO Grapebrands

A jewel from a surprising region. Negroamaro comes in all shapes and sizes, Ive reviewed the cheapest on the LCBO, here is a treat from Grapebrands.  One of the best cheap red wine

Nose: Very interesting licorice, salt, smoke, black tea. Back fruits lurk in the background. There is some sulfur but after that blows off the intrigue remains. Lots of  Character.
Palate: low tannins, mid acid, juicy, full bodied. Dirt, stewed red fruit and a sapid note that one finds in Pinot Noir.
Finish: fairly short but Juicy red fruit, earthy. Lovely. Replays of licorice.

Would drink again. Hold no more than 5 years. Very food friendly.

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