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Good Cheap Wine is a list of good cheap wine updated weekly. You'll be sure to find a good cheap wine in our ever growing wine list! To find a particular good cheap wine at the LCBO just click the 6 digit code written next to the price of the wine, you’ll find out exactly where you can pick up a good cheap bottle of wine.

Farnese Montepulciano d’Abruzzo


Italy, Abruzzo
by Farnese Vini Srl
$7.95 (621912)

Another cheap and cheerful offer from Italy. Wont make you any friends, but wont make people wanna shank you. Maybe the morning after, but you should be long gone by then.

Nose: Green, medicinal, a little red fruits (red plum, rasp).
Palate: High acid, mid tannins, some red fruit (plum). Decent body. Winey in a not that great way, but grows into you.
Finish: meh, not all that great.

Overall? decent for the price, but dont bring to someones home as a gift. Spend a little more and pick something else.
Good for cooking, though, or a house party where no-one will remember the wine.

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