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Era Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Biologica Organic


Organic LCBO 255844
Price: $ 9.95
Wine, Red Wine
13.5% Alcohol/Vol.

Sugar Content : 1

Made in: Marche, Italy
By: Casa Vinicola Botter

So you think organic wines are too rich for your blood? Not anymore! Delight yourself with this Italian libation. Though I am not a doctor, guaranteed less hangovers and headaches.
Plus its the right thing to do for the planet. No need to give up small pleasures.


    This wine needs decanting

Else the first sip will be just a mouthful of tin can juice. Not so nice, but with an hour in a decanter it turns into quite a comely beauty.

Nose: Clean. Ripe aromas of raspberries, strawberry jam, earth. Rather fragrant and sweet. Charming. Think strawberry pie. Great depth.
Palate: Similar to nose. Surprisingly light, in a good way. Soft tannins, mid to high acid. Earthy. Mid palate echoes the nose, with strawberry jam and baked apple.
Finish: short but nice.
Food match: pizza, pasta, a night with friends. Very versatile and wont disappoint.

In Summary: A wine you can proudly pour as your house wine. I know I will. Buy a case or two.

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