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Celler De Capcanes Costers Del Gravet 2006


VINTAGES 707059 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 16.95 (note: discounted at the store)
Red Wine 13.5% Alcohol/Vol.

Sugar Content : D

Made in: Tarragona, Spain
By: Co.Agricola Y C.A.De Capcanes Sccrl

Release Date: Jun 26, 2010

Interesting little treat from an unusual region of Spain. LCBO discounted this gem heavily, I think I paid $10 for this bottling.

Nose: Interesting herbs, dirt, raspberries. Old School Old World, but interesting in that way. Think Italian Valpollicella.
Palate: dirt (in a good way), raspberries, herbs. Straightfoward, but hearty and mouth-filling. Goes great with burritos and a movie. Not complex but pleasant.

Buy again, you wont regret it. Small quantities left, but this is work seeking out or keeping an eye out for it.

Pro tip: If you cant find it, the LCBO will place a special order for you and bring it (at no charge).

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