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Best Wine Aerator Decanter – Premium Red Wine Pourer & Diffuser with Gift Box, Stand, Velvet Pouch and BONUS ebook

Price: $19.99

Manufacturer Description

Wine will never taste the same to you again after experiencing the flavor achieved with the Landano Wine Aerator.

Wine aerators efficiently and easily accelerate the process of aeration, traditionally performed by swirling a wine glass or decanting wine into a wine decanter and then leaving it there for an hour prior to use. Time-honored practices though they may be, such methods take considerably longer to open up the wine - a process essential to achieving the best that wine has to offer.

To expedite this process, we have brought you a superior wine aeration product that will maximize your drinking pleasure with the greatest of ease. In just one easy step, the premium Wine Aerator by Landano will dramatically enhance the flavor and finish of any wine. Taking care to avoid covering the air holes at the side, simply hold the aerator above a glass or wine decanter and pour from the wine bottle of your choice into the amply sized aerator cavity. The sound of bubbling will assure you of its effectiveness. The newly air-infused wine will then pour straight into the glass. To avoid dripping after use, just shake the aerator gently and place in the neat no-drip stand.

The aerator also comes with a filter to remove wine sediments; an instruction manual; a black velvet pouch for safekeeping; and a unique BONUS ebook entitled "20 Things You MUST Know About Red Wine" for wine novices and connoisseurs alike. What's more, it's packaged in a classy red-and-black gift box, making it that perfect gift for any occasion. Or treat yourself and add it to your home bar collection for elegant dining.

With the Landano Wine Aerator, your next glass of wine will be fit for a king...

Product Features

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: The Landano Wine Aerator brings you accelerated, effective wine aeration more than ever before. In just one easy step, our user-friendly, ergonomic patented design expedites the "breathing" process through instant aeration. The filter removes sediment, notably of expensive wines which have greater sedimentation. Within a matter of seconds, you'll get a perfect glass of wine, every time! ENHANCED FINE WINE EXPERIENCE: The Landano Aerator incorporates the proper amount of air into the wine in just the right amount of time. This unlocks the essential flavors and aromatic properties of wines both young and old, for a fuller bouquet, smoother finish and exceptionally pleasurable drinking experience. ELEGANT DESIGN: With its clean, sleek look, the Wine Aerator will grace any table and occasion. Made of heavy-duty FDA-approved materials, its premium quality shines right through. It's dishwasher-safe for your convenience. GENEROUS ACCESSORIES: A filter is used with the Aerator Decanter to ensure removal of wine sediments as you pour. Between glasses, simply place Aerator in the neat no- drip stand; when finished, store in the machine-washable black velvet pouch for safekeeping. An instruction manual is enclosed along with our highly informative BONUS ebook, "20 Things You MUST Know About Red Wine." Armed with your Landano decanter, you are sure in no time to become an avid wine lover and connoisseur! HIGH-CLASS GIFT: Packaged in an elegant red-and- black gift box, the Wine Aerator set makes a classy offering for birthdays, wedding celebrations, parties, Father's Day, or any other special occasion. Present it as a unique addition to a home bar or corporate dinner event.

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